How to enable conversation view in Gmail for Android

Gmail is very easy to use, filled with advance features and Gmail also comes in Android apps. So now sending or receiving Email is much easier and no need of surfing Gmail on the PCs but now can use them on your phone. The Android Gmail is available in the Google play store and they are free to download.

So with the help of this app, you can turn your Gmail into conversation view in your Android device. And also this app will help you to text or receive messages just like the ordinary messaging of any phone.

Conversation view on your phone will enable your Gmail account to operate in easier way to handle messages from Gmail in your hand.

Download the Gmail app below-

Steps to enable conversation view in Gmail for Android
1. The first step is to download the Gmail app from the Google play store
2. Install the Gmail on your device
3. Once installed, you will start receiving all the message or text present on your current Gmail account
4. Now to enable the conversation view, go to the setting of the Gmail app.
5. Under the Setting you will find General Setting, touch on the General Setting to proceed
6. After that you will get a drop down list of option where you will also find Conversation View
7. On the conversation view tick on the box given to the right side of the screen.

The Gmail app is one of the most downloaded apps from the Google play store. And on every Android device we will find the Gmail app. So this app is the famous and widely used app all over the world.

Know more about your Gmail app of an Android

Gmail for Android is created to make it more available to most of the people around the world. So that you not need of any PC to use the Gmail account and use it right on your hand using your phone.

Gmail is an innovative aspect of emailing and with the help of app on your phone now you can get your email instantly via push notifications, read and respond to your conversations online & offline, and search and find any email.

Gmail app on your phone enables you to-
v Manage multiple accounts
v View and save attachments
v Set up label notifications

Email has played an important role in our modern life. We can send mail instantly within few seconds which has replaced the old traditional post mailing facilities. Compare to the old mailing system the Email has its valuable importance as they are faster than we can think whereas the old mailing system require longer time periods sometime a year depending on the place or station where the mail will be sent. And the old way of sending mail required man labours very expensive whereas the Email is totally based on electronic and requires only internet to send the mails. All this email we can send them free from any place or anywhere, only what you need is to have an online Email account and then its done; you can send Email free of cost, with lightning speed, any type of paper mail and also files or data.

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