Principles of purchasing blocks toys

Blocks can exercise the child's imagination and creativity, the ability to improve children's hand-eye coordination which is a very good intellectual development toys. Mom and dad in the purchase of toy building blocks from toys manufacturer in China should according to the actual situation of the baby.


Baby in different age needs a suitable building block. This is the problem when parents buy blocks first consideration. How to pick the baby in line with the age of the building blocks? It is mainly depends on two aspects: one is security, including the size of the blocks and blocks material; an applicability, mainly on account of the child's preferences and the required motor skills. Under this situation, not every car toys from remote control toys supplier is nice for kids. The following small series include different age’s baby toy building blocks suitable characteristics. 6 months -1 year old: this stage the baby like grip and will keep the toy into his mouth, the best choice for a side length or diameter of at least 4 cm above the building blocks for easy grasping hands and prevent the baby swallowed , strong color contrasts wooden blocks it will help stimulate the baby's interest.


1 year -1 year and a half’s stage baby grip is more flexible and the shape of the nest game is very interested in, such as the circular blocks into corresponding round hole. You can select some toys from China novelty toys wholesale online for your children.