The Replica Handbag Trends of the VMA After Party

Of course we have another post about the VMA 2013 event that just went down this past weekend. After all, all red Hermes belts replica carpet events are absolutely imperative to keeping up to date on the trends of replica handbags. The celebrities dress to impress for these events and taking their fashion advice is a surefire way to keep your replica handbag wardrobe on point! However, don’t forget about the fashion from the after parties! Cheers to that!

Beyonce totally accentuated the gold theme of the VMA’s with her little shimmering gold clutch. The Giuseppe Zanotti Womens gold clutch has a lot of sleek lines and edges that really allowed the light to shine and sparkle off of it like a prism. She also accentuated her gold inspiration with massive earrings and let the rest of her attire chic and black.

Beyonce wasn’t the only one who got into the gold theme for the afterparty of the VMAs. Sarah Hyland also rocked a stunning gold replica handbag that sparkled the true luxury Hermes replica belts of the VMAs.
If you want to take these fabulous theme and inspiration of replica handbags and incorporate it into your own attire, there are some quality options for you. Of course, you’re unlikely to be walking replica Hermes belts a famous red carpet, and it’s recommended to take the gold inspiration and apply it into your wardrobe in a way that fits your lifestyle. The Christian Dior replica handbag Diorissimo has the stunning gold hue that can be used for both casual and formal events. It’s not a clutch style that the two celebrities mentioned above had, but the main element is definitely apparent within this replica Christian Dior handbag.

There are a variety of replica handbags that do offer the gold trend of the VMA after party fashion that also come in the clutch style. However, knock off wallets if you’re looking for a stylish item that you can rock all the time, definitely go with the Christian Dior replica handbag.