The surface tension of removed water vs microwave time is

3.6. Cy7 NHS ester of removed water
3.7. EC of removed water
3.8. Discharge and reuse of removed water
Table 2.
4. Conclusion
AcknowledgementsThis study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation – China (51176163, 51476141), National Basic Research Program – China (2012CB214906), National High Technology R&D Program – China (2012AA050101), and Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to University – China (B08026).
Iso-octane/hydrogen blends; Laminar flame speed; Markstein length; Minimum ignition energy
1. Introduction
The influence of hydrogen addition on the laminar flame speed, Markstein length and minimum ignition energy of iC8H18/H2 binary fuel blends is still not well understood. The laminar flame speed is one of the most important parameters of a combustible mixture and it determines the fuel consumption rate in ICEs. Therefore, the first objective is to examine the hydrogen addition effects on laminar flame speed of iso-octane/air. Moreover, the correlation between the laminar flame speed and hydrogen blending level is investigated.