Analysis of the injection process Fig

In Fig. 14, the Siebers’ cone angle from Eq. (3) has been reported for different densities ratio (solid line with triangles). Also the cone angles from model tuning have been plotted (dashed line with squares). The figure shows that everolimus the Siebers’ values are aligned along a straight line due to the monotonic dependence on the density ratio. On the contrary, some oscillations can be observed for the model tuning cone angles.
Fig. 14. Cone angle from model tuning, Siebers’ cone angle [4] and air to fuel mass ratio, versus air to fuel density ratio.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
In the present work, more than one parameter is spicules changing simultaneously between the different engine conditions. In particular, the fuel injected quantity and the intake air mass are changing. The square root of the air mass flow/fuel consumption ratio has been reported in Fig. 14 as a solid line with diamond markers. The same oscillations of the model cone angles have been obtained.