Low pressure nitrogen adsorption measurements were used to

As can be deduced, the model Cor-Fra produces valid and relevant results, since they match the numerical ones of the reference. A good correspondence with the experimental data is attained: experimental points of hydrogen are very close to the numerical ones, the slight distance of the rest is due to non-achievement of thermodynamic equilibrium conditions in the prototype.
Furthermore, the validation is also confirmed by the evaluation of the carbon deposition trigger calculated by the model: as also observed experimentally, it LBH589 originates at RCTC lower than 1.35.
Table 1 collects the comparison between the results of the present model and those from a literature model [50] and from experimental tests [40].
Table 1.
Model validation.FH2 (%)H2/CO RatioT (°C)RCTC: 1RCTC: 2T: 700 (°C), p: 1 (bar)Mod Cor-FraTsa-Wan (HSC) [50]Err (%)Mod Cor-FraTsa-Wan (HSC) [50]Err. (%)RCTCMod Cor-FraExp Ser-Daz [40]Err. (%)60023.56241.819.88214.70.50.9990.9900.85870035.52344.429.16302.810.9930.9603.34280041.05395.1232.0133320.9620.9204.378Ave err (%)3.73.530.9050.8703.84140.8140.7804.142T (°C)RCTC: 1.25Ave. compression err. (%)2.366850fCO2fCOfH2fH2OTsa-Wan (HSC) [50]0.0320.4990.4350.030Mod Cor-Fra0.0310.4980.4420.028Err (%)3.8460.1501.4945.702Ave err (%)2.79Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV