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Low salinity water injection (LSWI); Improved estimation Cathepsin G volumetric sweep efficiency; New mobility ratio definition; Fractional flow and tracer methods; LSWI effect on displacement and volumetric sweep efficiencies
Nomenclaturekrlkrlphase relative permeabilitySlrSlrphase residual saturation╬╗rl╬╗rlphase relative mobilityNpdNpddimensionless cumulative oil productionNc∗critical capillary number
1. Introduction
Low salinity water Injection (LSWI) is Chrysophytes one of the emerging techniques for improving oil recovery because of its low cost compared to other methods. The low salinity water injection technique is also known in the literature as LoSal, Smart Waterflood, and Advanced Ion Management. The effect of LSWI on oil recovery from carbonate and sandstone rocks has been shown at both secondary and tertiary modes of injections in both the laboratory and the field. The only major concern with LSWI is water sourcing and water disposal [1].