The constant volume combustion bomb made of carbon steel

The ionic wind effect could be affected significantly by the electric field intensity, which has been proven by many researches. So far, most of the works have been focused on the stagnant flame. And the results show that APD668 the electric field intensity takes a significant role in promoting the flame propagation speed. Marcum and Ganguly [24] observed increases in flame speed by applying electric fields to the reaction zones of premixed propane/air flames. Jaggers and Engel [25] reported that flame propagation speed can increase well above the value without the field.
Besides, the electric field intensity also can affect the flame propagation speed of a transient flame. As one of the most important transient flames, spherically expanding flames, with simple flame configuration, well-defined flame stretch rate and well-controlled experimentation, have been extensively used for the study of the flame propagation speed in recent years. Meng et al. [26] explored the premixed methane/air flame propagation under a DC electric field, and transpiration found that electric fields can effectively promote flame propagation and combustion, and the promoting effect increases with the applied voltages. In addition, Won et al. [27] investigated the propagation speed of another stagnant flame, tri-brachial flame, by applying negative and positive dc voltages, and also observed an enhancement of the propagation speed.