Substitution of Eq in Eq

In the neighborhood of crossing point, the behavior of the central temperature of a sample of substance liable to self heating that INT-777 undergoes an oven storage experiment is described by Eq. (3), that holds for both supercritical and subcritical conditions. From the definition of the parameter λλ from Eq. (6) and the approximate formula of Eq. (12) that provide the relationship between umax and U in a subcritical experiment, the constant term of Eq. (3) can be written in the alternative form of Eq. (15). The constant term of Eq. (3) is then readily identified as the product of a term blastocoel depends only on the geometry of the system (characterized by its characteristic length and by its shape factor j), the thermal diffusivity (assumed to be constant near the crossing point) and a term that depends on the difference between the maximum temperature rise in the subcritical experiment and the oven temperature.equation(13)QA=λρL02RkE-1equation(14)λ=(umax-U)2(j+1)e-1/umaxequation(15)QAC^p=2(j+1)L02kρC^p(Tmax-T0)e-E/RTmax