Antipasto is the first course of the traditional Italian meal. The meaning of “Antipasto” is “before the meal”. Traditional antipasto recipes include cured meats, olives, roasted garlic, mushrooms, various types of cheese and peperone (marinated small green bell peppers) etc. The marinated meats and mushrooms are made at home and further additional edibles are added to this platter. It is one of the best starter meals which utilises a variety of raw vegetables like tomato, cabbage, lettuce, capsicum etc. The tomatoes are cut into round slices and covered with more mozzarella cheese and rock salt.


The capsicum is kept in salty oil for some time period and is cut into rough pieces before serving the meal. Chopped garlic cloves are sprinkled over it. Antipasto is made with less oil and is very rich in healthy calories. It can be a great replacement for the unhealthy fried starters. Garlic bread accompanies nearly most of the antipasto recipes. Non-vegetarian food lovers can add more marinated meats and sauce to this delicious recipe. Antipasto pasta salad is made by mixing meat, pasta and cheese together. More ingredients like olive oil, green and black olives, vinegar can also be added as per the taste. To know more visit