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Three moles of methanol react with a triglyceride (TG) and transform in a stepwise manner to diglyceride, monoglyceride and finely to free glycerol. In each step of the reversible reaction one LY2157299 of FAME is formed [19]. The overall reaction can be seen in the Eq. (2). Transesterification of TG in presence of excess methanol and low concentration of FAME was an irreversible pseudo second order reaction [20] and [21], and the following equation has been fitted to the conversion-time (X vs. t) data so as to obtain the kinetic constant:equation(3)X1-X=CTG0·k·twhere CTG0CTG0 is the initial concentration (mol L−1) of triglycerides, k is the reaction rate constant and X is the conversion of triglyceride. A plot of X/(1 − X) vs. t gives the value of k. Moreover, activation energy (EA) can be determined by the Arrhenius equation (Eq. (4)):equation(4)k=A·exp-EARTwhere A is a frequency factor, T is the temperature and R is the universal gas constant (J mol−1 K−1). Thus, the activation energy (EA) can be obtained from ln(k) vs. (1/T) plot and Eq. (4) becomes:equation(5)ln(k)=-EART+ln(A)