The global primary aluminum industry is

5.5. National & global scales
6. Implementation of low fossil carbon 3-Methyladenine systems
Large scale exploitation and utilization of energy resources, especially fossil fuels, has contributed significantly to the development of world civilization. Currently people use unsustainable energy sources that yield benefits in the short-term but contribute to disadvantages in the long-term such as climate risks. A possible measure to mitigate climate change is to provide incentives for the implementation of renewable energy systems, which can produce power with much lower amounts of fossil carbon emissions than conventional fossil fuels. Substantial carbon emission reductions necessary for limiting a rise in global average surface temperatures to less than 2 °C are possible through widespread implementation of low fossil carbon energy systems. Mainstream low fossil carbon renewable energy sources include biomass, wind power, hydropower, solar power, ocean thermal, wave, tidal and geo-thermal energy sources.