In summary carbon emissions intensity in coastal Jiangsu was much

At the Earth Summit held in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, all the participant countries reached consensus were: common vision, renewing political commitment, green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, institutional framework for sustainable development, framework for action and follow-up and means of implementation. The other main focus of this GGsTop summit was to identify how to support human development and environmental conservation (The Global Transition – The Green Economy, 2012). Plainly, all manufacturing processes emit carbon and the amount depends on the input and production capacity of machinery. In the course of the continuous functions of industries, cell plate is imperative that, the industries have to ensure eco-friendliness in the environment with provision for clean water, clean air and the mineralization of wastes. In order to minimize harmful impact on the environment, ISO standards were introduced. Certified management standards also came into existence for ensuring of the worker-health and safety.