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Liu et al. (2011) stated that Pentobarbital presently, the promotion of cleaner production and acceleration of the ecological construction of the industrial system has been acknowledged worldwide as one of the key technologies to achieve the objectives of the diversion of the ecological system, diversion of the production system and the development of the recycled economy.
1.3. The national policy on cleaner production in Sri Lanka
Batuwitage (2011) stated that, in year 2005, Ministry of Environment developed a National Cleaner Production (CP) Policy. This emphasize in promote and preventive environmental strategies than addition pollution to the process. The Goals of the National CP Policy are endocrine system (i) Achieve sustainable development in Sri Lanka, (ii) Improve environmental quality throughout Sri Lanka, (iii) Improve eco-efficiency across all sectors of the economy in Sri Lanka, (iv) Alleviate poverty and improve living standards of all Sri Lankans. The national CP policy calls for the development of sectoral policies to sufficiently integrate CP practices in the sectoral development agenda. The Ministry of Industrial Development (MID) also developed the industrial CP policy and the National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) was established under the MID as part of the UNIDO/UNEP NCPC network.