H ndash relationship between strategy

2.3.3. H5 – relationship between attitude of the owner and carbon footprint reducing measures
According to Thiruchelvam et al. (2003) owning to a lack of awareness of the impact of carbon footprint the graving of the problem is enhanced among the owners and managers has and there is an increase in pollution from fuel consumption in Sri Lanka, though fuel Cytarabine use is important in the industries. Gallup and Marcotte (2004) emphasise that, ‘Train-the-trainer’ courses in many countries help develop local capacity to provide training in pollution prevention and their countries were producing the wrong product mix with inefficient machinery.
Thiruchelvam et al. (2003) emphasise ecological niche to more often, a lack of knowledge and ‘correct’ information by SMEs deter the effectiveness of the conservation of eco-system programmes. Demonstration projects, training, information education campaign, information clearing house for technology transfers, public awareness campaigns, reporting of success stories, publications in media, presentation of awards, conducting workshops and seminars are some of the methods adopted by many countries and institutions to disseminate knowledge.