Regarding such factors as affecting global warming today environmental

Regarding such factors as affecting global warming today, environmental involvement in any production process is an issue that CCT 031374 confers higher importance due to global warming potential in the present context of warming potential. As Clarke and Clegg (2000) cited by Gunathilaka and Gunawardana (2014) emphasise that, as a result global warming, environmental sustainability has become a major concern among managers and is the focal point of the balance between environment and business need.
Many business organizations are now paying attention to the natural environment. The concepts of “management” and “environmental prevention” have become essential to the business world due to the emergence of new outlook on environmental management (Silva and Medeiros, 2004, cited by Hoque and Clarke, 2013). When we ponder on employment, the “decent” jobs we note are those that help to reduce consumption of energy and raw materials, de-carbonize the economy, protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity and minimize the production of waste and pollution (ILO, 2011). This will lead to improve the profitability of the organization and reduce the carbon footprint.