Beef Jerky Recipe, Cracked Pepper

Which beef jerky flavor is the most kado untuk pacar, kado ulang tahun untuk pacar on the web? If you have not figured it out from the title and the picture i want to help you. It always complements salt, it is not white, in fact it is best when it's freshly cracked. That is right it really is black pepper. Pepper includes a flavor that almost everyone loves, and brings an extremely complex flavor to the party when put into beef jerky. Therefore today let 's look at a jerky recipe for cracked dark pepper beef jerky.

Here are your ingredients.

4oz soy sauce
1 oz liquid smoke
1 oz Worcestershire sauce
T black pepper
1 oz hot sauce
1/2 tsp garlic powder

This recipe will flavor about 1 pound of meat. You may double or triple as necessary for larger batches. Mix all of the wet substances and the garlic in a zip lock bag. Slice the meats when half frozen for greatest slicing. Marinade immediately in the refridgerator. You can keep longer for more intense taste. Pull meat out and sprinkle with dark pepper and place in food dehydrator to dry. In 8 to 12 hours you should have some great black pepper beef jerky. I browse this week in which a person used much more dark pepper and squeezed it into the meats with a rolling pin. After that let the meat sit every day and night in the fridge. Then your second day marinade in the liquid elements just as before. Then as normal with the drying process.