Most people will need to use two hands to operate this phone

Most people will need to use two hands to operate this phone. I'm happy to report that it isn't overly heavy. It just barely fits into pockets. My jeans can meizu mx5 specs accommodate the 640 XL, but the blocky shape makes it painfully obvious that you have a dinner tray stuffed in your pants. Also, getting into and out of a car with a phone this size in your pocket can be painful.
Whether you pick the black or white Lumia 640 XL, the entire glass front surface is black. The slit cut into the glass for the earpiece is among the smallest I've ever seen, and it's also the only thing interrupting the uniformity of the glass. The 640 XL doesn't have physical buttons on the front.
The only two hardware keys are positioned on the right edge of the phone. The screen lock button is located about midway along the edge and the volume toggle is above it. Both buttons have glossy black surfaces and excellent profiles. I am very pleased with the travel and feedback, which is springy. The headphone jack is on the top edge and the USB port, on the bottom.
The 640 XL is a mix of glass and thick polycarbonate.The polycarbonate shell forms xiaomi redmi review the rear and side surfaces of the phone; it wraps all the way around the handset.The side edges are flat enough that the phone will stand on end.Phones often become unwieldy when they measure more than three inches from side to side.
The 640 XL is 3.21 inches wide. I can't wrap my hands all the way around it. Thank goodness Microsoft kept the depth to just 0.35 inches (9mm). The hard, sharp angle where the sides meet the back doesn't help improve usability.