PM20CSJ060 Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module

Mitsubishi PM20CSJ060 is your servo motor performance enhancer! Visit, a leading global distributor of power modules and get your PM20CSJ060!


PM20CSJ060 is a feather-weight Mitsubishi IPM ( Intelligent Power Module ) with a flat base type of insulated package, at only 0.13lbs.  It has a three-phase IGBT inverter output which can give 20A or 600V of power to servo motors. It has its own built-in control circuits with enhanced gate drive to provide protection to diode power devices and can operate to 20 kHz being isolated type made for power switching applications.


PM20CSJ060 features a complete output power circuit that guarantees high efficiency accompanied with a gate drive circuit. Its uniqueness can be manifested through its capacity to protect itself from possible obstacles such as over current, extreme temperatures, under voltage, and short circuiting.


Topped with flexibility and durability, it can be used with other applications and devices, such as inverters, UPS and power supplies.