Nutritional Supplements: Right for Toddlers?

Are you sure you’re feeding your child with the right diet? Or best nutritional supplements are your choice? If you’re allowing your child to experiment with a variety of textures, tastes and colors, well then, congratulations – your child is eating a well balanced diet. However, it is important to note that certain vitamins, such as Vitamin A and D can pose certain risks. These vitamins are stored in the tissues and if consumed in excess may make your child sick. In fact, high doses of nutrients such as iron and zinc can too cause negative effects.


Are Nutritional Supplements The Right Choice? 

For many children, best nutritional supplements may be the right answer. This is mainly because your child may require various vitamins or minerals based on your family’s dietary practices that may actually limit the food choices for your baby. For instance, if you are a strict vegetarian, your baby may need Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D supplementation, along with calcium and riboflavin. Rickets is a disease that softens the bones in children having Vitamin D deficiency.


Children and Iron Deficiency

Yes, iron deficiency does occur in children and it may lead to anemia at a very young age. Toddlers need to get at least 15 mg of iron in their food regularly, unfortunately, many fail to receive so. Surprisingly, drinking too much milk can cause iron deficiency anemia, because of the obvious fact that the child would be more interested in drinking milk and less interested in eating other foods, a variety of which would be the potential sources of iron. This can actually compel you to feed your child with the best nutritional supplements.


Is Excess of Much Milk Bad For Your Child

You need not be concerned in case your child is drinking 24 ounces to 34 ounces or less of milk on a daily basis. However, if your child is drinking anything more than that and not having or avoiding balanced quantities of iron rich foods, then it’s important you consult your pediatrician about whether or not you should be adding iron nutritional supplement to her diet.