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When Can You Get a DNA Test During Pregnancy?

The DNA of the child has many clues about what information the little one will be born with. These clues can be uncovered by performing a DNA test during pregnancy and also the information extracted. Promotion of technology has enabled to get a child's DNA analyzed even prior to the kid is born.
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A DNA test is performed during pregnancy to check the DNA of the unborn kid. Other motives include testing for abnormalities and inherited genetic diseases.

A DNA evaluation of the unborn child may be done throughout the period between 10 to 24 weeks during pregnancy . The way of sample collection is different for different ages of the baby that is growing.

The approach used to gather the sample for DNA Testing is chorionic villus sampling if your pregnancy is between 10 to 13 weeks after conception. In this procedure your doctor will insert a thin needle or a fine tube directed by ultrasound, into the womb through the vagina and cervix to obtain a sample of chorionic villi. The sample obtained will then be examined and examined.dna testing

If you are between 14 to 24 weeks pregnant, the approach used to collect the baby's sample will probably be by amniocentesis. This procedure also involves inserting a needle to the womb. In this procedure the needle inserted though the abdomen to draw on a little bit of amniotic fluid and will be directed by ultrasound. The kid's DNA Evaluation will soon be done on this fluid sample.

So, till your baby is born to get the test done doctors counsel to stay. Following the arrival of your baby, several methods may be used to take a sample from the baby.dna test while pregnant

You may get the DNA Evaluation carried out to support or negate any doubts you might have, when your kid's paternity is in doubt or when you wish to be one hundred percent sure who the father of your child is.

If you are obtaining the DNA of your unborn infant tested exclusively for the purpose of establishing paternity, doctors do not encourage this evaluation before your kid is born to be performed. That is because both ways of sample collection pose some danger to the unborn baby. And if you wait till your baby is born, samples can be accumulated with no risks to the baby.