Meet the New Generation of Portable Gasses Detectors

The purpose of personal gas monitors is to ensure the safety of workers and the environment in which they perform their jobs. These monitors are only as good as the individuals who use them. If a worker neglects to keep their unit properly charged, it essentially becomes a useless piece of technology. Unfortunately, old-style monitors need to be charged often and it is all too easy to forget and go on about the job at hand, putting your employees at serious risk.

Thanks to newer technology, there are now a new generation of portable gas detectors available which have a number of advantages over their predecessors. These newer units can keep a charge for up to full 2 months, even without being turned off. If the unit is shut down at the end of the shift that battery longevity can approach 4 months, the longest battery life of any portable gas detector on the market. The latest generation of monitors are simpler to operate and easier to maintain and they can operate effectively in the hottest and coldest working environments your workers may encounter. They can also go for as long as 6 months without being calibrated.

The main ideas behind the development of these new gas detectors include offering a greater degree of worker safety, improving your overall productivity, while providing greater efficiency and a noticeably lower cost of ownership, making them the logical investment for your company. By replacing power-hungry pellistor technology with the more energy-efficient low-power photo-metric technology, this generation of multi gas monitors you can maintain the same degree of safety for your people and still increase their effectiveness. Rugged, dependable, long-lasting units can be a major benefit in whatever environment you may need them.

Incorporating new technology also makes for more efficient docking stations for your new portable gas detectors. You can now test up to 4 gas detectors at a time instead going one-by-one. You'll be able to test up to 12 units per minute, saving time and increasing efficiency while still assuring that each unit is thoroughly tested. Easy one-button operation makes it simple to learn. Your workers will be able to use the docking station for regular bump tests, calibrations, or for deactivating selected detectors. Using USB flash memory, you can store bump test and event log data. This data can be easily moved to a computer for later analysis. To learn more about all of these units, you can contact Gas Clip Technologies, the Industry leader in portable gas detectors. Free quotes are available.