Know About Florence Design Academy

The Florence Design Academy is an international school in Italy. Academic and Master programs which are considered to be world class courses are offered here under the name:

Academic and Masters learning program in Graphic (3 D graphic and 3 D animation) Interior and Industrial Design.

The teachers and designers are internationally recognized and known for their professionalism. The School is equipped all facilities and tools needed for the learners to acquire proficiency in the chosen field of designing. The students are assured of good placement on completion of the course.

Designing can be used in various ways to ensure the atmosphere is colorful, the working place can be designed with cartoon and 3D animated graphics while home can be designed with interior decorations to make it charming and beautiful. Every individual has creative talent hidden within them; it has to be kindled through systematic teaching and training within the stipulated time. The designers in this school are designed by the architect teachers.

Florence Italy is one of the ancient cities known for its arts and culture and great creators like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and many are from Italy only and that is why this place has an historic importance and hence this place was chosen to establish this academy. By studying in this school a student can spread the Italian culture and lifestyle to other parts of the globe by applying the skills he learnt here. In Graphic design course, students are imparted knowledge and experience of traditional art and techniques plus modern digital art techniques.

Training is given to the students to use high tech equipments like high resolution monitor, digital graphics tablet with digital pen etc. Photoshop, flash, 3d studio max are some of courses taught to the students.

3D animation and comic art teach a very important concept called character design. By participating in the international graphic design competitions, the hidden traits of the students are exposed to the world at large. Photoshop, 3 D studio Max, Auto cad are some of the latest tools of software and students are trained to work with these latest applications and thus create modern art work. In Interior design area students are taught how to create very lucrative design for any home. The color of light, shadows, furniture designs etc are taught to the students as how to design them. In Industrial design area, they are made to become product designers. In the they learn how to combine shapes, color, materials etc.

Due to the nature of good classroom atmosphere, students master the individual subjects of their field. Talented and artistic students of this school have many job opportunities. Besides these factors, the world of mass media has a great potential to include students from this school.

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