Fig nbsp xA Breakdown of expenditure comparison for main food

Table 1.
Monthly portions per capita according to the studied food consumption patterns.National averageHealthy dietVegetarian dietMediterranean dietBread, pasta and flour products173124134120Potatoes, vegetables and fruits125156186158Meat and meat products14032014Dairy products46727275Fish9808Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
3. Results
The Mediterranean diet pattern applied in Italy for PD 153035 HCL average family would require expenditure of € 441.77 per month which corresponds almost entirely to the same budget for the national average food consumption (€ 440.12 per month) but with a different proportion of each product class (Fig. 3). The healthy diet is evolutionary tree the most expensive food pattern (€ 464.86 per month) and the vegetarian diet the cheapest (€ 413.79 per month) because of the absence of the meat and fish component in the economic balance. Although the conditions for a potential rebound effect are present (Hertwich, 2008) the amounts involved in the consumption shift are limited and not sufficient to produce significant effect.