Buying Tips: How to Tell Right Quality Quartz Stone Surface?

Quartz stone, after years of development, although full of beautiful things in eyes of various quartz products on the market today, but the quality of the product is not neat, then how to identify quartz stone? Following I offer you some advice.

1, from raw material analysis, quartz surface, containing more than 90% of the major materials of quartz sand and 10% resin particles and trace elements. There are two main types of quartz sand, coarse sand and fine sand. Coarse sand for screening, containing impurities point more ore is coarser, so good-looking than fine sand table, able to bear or endure look.

2, Looking at plank hardness,there are two ways for quartz stone manufacture: one for die casting; Another for casting. Casting quartz is caused directly casting molding, sheet plate with hole and easy to make penetration, resin plate too much easy to crack. Die casting quartz is going through press die-casting molding, sheet makes more tight tight not permeate, but now in the market of die casting quartz time not neat, mainly is the size of the press. Small quartz surface manufacturer's press machine is small, generally in 20 tons of pressure (2400 * 760 * 15 mm plate specification), and large-scale manufacturer of compressor are over 60 tons, 90 tons (3050 * 1450 * 15 mm plate specification). Large-scale manufacturer of plate force of 20 t of a square, and the plate hardness can reach more than 80 bus hardness, mohs hardness 6 (shall be tested by professional department). Generally you can knock on countertops, if the voice is more brittle, surface quality is reliable.

3, Quality of quartz countertops depends on the strength of the manufacturers, the strength of the manufacturer is determined by the r&d department, and the color of the quartz is precisely reflect the strength of a company. The color of the quartz,is mainly monochrome, mixed color. Monochromatic main impression not see through, the color is not straight, impurity point of how to judge good or bad. Mixed colored mainly with real wood door plank, high-end ambry is given priority to, mainly in titanium, iridescence series, leather series, ordinary double color three color. Like the small manufacturer with low-end brand in the market now is the main solid colors on quartz, somewhat ordinary three color, double color and color good-looking complete matter.

4, Finally from the particle analysis, grain of high quality quartzite stone is rich, have glass particles, quartz sand particles, metal particles, and the impurity particles are less good plank, such slabs are fresh,clean and beautiful.

What has been discussed above, the key point to identify quality of quartz stone is to learn to compare from the above four aspects, there are times when a look to see which quartz countertops is better, to choose one you like, rest assured that quality and reasonable price products.