The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Health. Quit Smoking!

Knowledge Does Not Require Action. Kick the Habit or Kick the Bucket?

  • 5,000 people in the US quit smoking in the US a day.
  • 1,000 people every single day die from cigarette smoking related disease.
  • Tobacco's association with cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and chronic lung disease account for over half of the deaths in the Us annually

Urge to Smoke

Remember the urge to smoke only lasts a few minutes and will pass. The urges gradually become farther and farther apart as the days go by. During an urge you can beat up your stuffed animals, rip up old magazines. The best thing to do is inhale deep. Fill your lungs full of air and exhale very slowly. Inhale and exhale three times. It will be your greatest weapon during strong cravings e juices e liquids.

Affraid to gain weight throw away your butter, margarine, and vegetable oils. Only use extra virgin olive oil for salad dressing not for cooking. Olive oil plays a role in improving cholesterol levels and contains antioxidants. Use good quality coconut oil/butter for cooking. It's impotant not to buy cheap (dried) coconut oil/butter not fit for human consumption. You need to buy fresh meaning processed within 24 hours after picking. Coconut oil does not go rancid even when cooked at high temperatures. It is a natural fat and has no negative impact on cholesterol or the health of arteries wholesale e liquid.It is available on-line. Don't have a credit card. Pre-paid ones are available.

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