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We calculate carbon emissions stemming from Maraviroc consumption during the 1995–2010 period in the Yangtze River Delta region, while taking a more comprehensive perspective. We quantitatively analyze the impact of economic output, energy structure, energy intensity, and population size on carbon emissions that stem from energy consumption, by using the LMDI technique.
3. Carbon emissions estimates and decomposition model
3.1. Carbon emissions estimates
There are no direct monitoring data with respect to carbon emissions; therefore, most of the emissions research has been informed by estimates of energy consumption. In this study, Equation (1) is used to estimate carbon emissions in the Yangtze River Delta region:equation(1)C=∑Ci=i∑EiFi,C=∑Ci=∑iEiFi,where C is the total carbon emissions caused by energy consumption; Ci is the ith energy carbon emissions; Ei is the ith energy consumption; i represents a variety of primary energy sources, including coal, oil, and natural gas; and Fi represents the carbon intensity of the ith energy—that is, the carbon emission factor of energy.