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Hence, consultants convey to farmers that there is actually not that much that farmers can do. Food production without some levels of GHG emissions is described as impossible. Moreover, the claim regarding the necessity of practices such as beef and dairy farming is supported by references to current consumption:(15) [ … ] then one has to discuss more [like]: ‘we do actually want to eat beef and drink milk, so these emissions have to exist’, so they [the farmers] should not take it WP 1130 personal, that they would be the worst villains. It is the way asexual reproduction has to be (MiB).
The analysis shows that advisors, through the use of the computer program, simplify, filter and illustrate circulating problematizations regarding agricultural emissions. Just like global and sectorial research on emissions and emission sources, this output basically shows that the practice is ecologically hazardous, i.e., that farms cause emissions which contribute to climate change. This is not questioned, neither by farmers nor by advisors, but problematizations are still moderated as emissions are interpreted as necessary.