LED show unit board how you can take care of failure

LED display unit board fault how? As LED(mobile vms) electronic display unit board electronic goods some doubt is typical, not a single LED flash screen unit board companies can absolutely assure certificate developed goods are never ever an issue, let's check out the huge Optoelectronics sorted out a number of the ways to LED display unit board troubleshooting.

Cause LED show unit board failure evaluation and method:

A, led electronic show unit board the entire board will not be bright

1. Check the power supply and signal lines will not be coupled.

two. Verify the test card is not capable to determine the interface, the test card is no recognizable red light flashing, check the light board isn't the test card with energy or light board interfaces have signal and ground short circuit resulting in illegible interface.

3, check irrespective of whether the 74HC245 Weld quick 245 corresponding enable (EN) signal input and output pin is just not soldered or shorted to other lines.

B, at the point oblique scanning, standard interlaced picture just isn't bright flash stack

1. Verify the A, B, C, D signal input port to in between 245 Weld just isn't a break or short circuit.


two. Check 245 corresponding A, B, C, D and between the output terminal 138 will not be short-circuited or Weld, break.


3, between verify A, B, C, D every single signal is just not a signal of a brief circuit or shorted to ground.


C, when all vibrant a line or lines does not shine


1. Verify the line in between 138-4953 Weld just isn't open or short circuit.


D, when experts scan, two lines or lines (typically a multiple of two, there's normal) with lighting


1, isn't a short circuit amongst the check A, B, C, D of each and every signal.(speed limit sign)


two, check the output of 4953 is just not short-circuited with other output.


E, there's a single point or multi-point (irregular) at full light will not shine


1, obtain the corresponding control module foot measurement will not be short-circuit the Bank.


two, the replacement module or possibly a single lamp.


F, when there is a full light does not shine or possibly a few columns


1. Obtain the column manage pin around the module, measuring just isn't the driving IC (74HC595 / TB62726) output terminal for connection.


G, there's a single point or single highlight, or the whole line is highlighted, and not controlled


1. Check the column is just not short-circuit the energy ground.


two. Verify that the power line just isn't a constructive short-circuited.


3, to replace its driver IC.


H, flash issues, however the output signal is typical towards the subsequent line


1. Verify the STB latch 245 corresponds to the output terminal of the drive IC's latch side isn't coupled or signal is shorted to other lines.


I, flash problems, the output just isn't normal


1. Check the clock signal CLK STB latch is not short-circuited.


two, verify the clock CLK 245 is just not a input and output.


3. Check (led traffic sign)the clock signal is not shorted to other lines.


J, flash lack of colour


1. Verify the color information 245 is not a terminal input and output.


two. Verify the color information signals are usually not shorted to other lines.


three, check the colour level even information port driver IC is just not there between open or quick circuit, Weld.


K, output in doubt


1. Verify output interface to the signal output of the IC circuit isn't coupled or shorted.


two. Verify the output clock signal is just not correctly latched.


3. Verify right after all, a driver IC cascaded in between the output data port is not with the data output port coupled to the interface or not short-circuit.


4, the output signal is not a brief circuit or maybe a quick circuit to another ground.


5, verify the output cable just isn't connected for the.(vms)