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Hence, the total amount of GHG emissions from the logistics services in a particular year K02288 given in Eq. (2) as follows:equation(2)GHGtotal=∑mj=14∑di=1k[(WHK→di,mj+Wdi→HK,mj)×DISTHK−di,mj×EFmj]
The environmental effectiveness of Hong Kong's logistics sector as a whole and a particular transportation mode mj are determined from Eq. (3a) and (3b):equation(3a)ENVEFF=GHGtotalTVADDequation(3b)ENVEFFmj=GHGmjVADDmjwhere TVADD is the total value added in a particular year in HKD, and VADDmjVADDmj is the value added in a particular year due to the transportation mode mj. Eq. (3a) and (3b) shows hemophilia a lower value of ENVEFF (or ENVEFFmjENVEFFmj) represents the transport mode to be more environmentally friendly.
In addition to the environmental performance, the economic performance in terms of productivity per tonne-km of cargo due to the logistics services needs to be determined and is given in Eq. (4a) and (4b).equation(4a)PRODtotal=TVADD∑mj=14∑di=1k[(WHK→di,mj+Wdi→HK,mj)×DISTHK−di,mj]equation(4b)PRODmj=VADDmj∑di=1k[(WHK→di,mj+Wdi→HK,mj)×DISTHK−di,mj]