Fabric Painting Ideas

Fabric painting is believed to be harga batik keris a modern and recent art form than typical painting on canvas. However, the truth is that painting on fabrics is a practice that began as early as in 3000 BC. When Alexander visited India in 327 BC he could be said to have already been mesmerized by the beauty and variety of fabric painting in the country. But now through so many years it has evolved so very much to become a very essential division of painting.

Fabric painting is done now on ladies tops, mens shirts, handbags, cushion covers, wall hangings, etc. It requires the painting talent, of course, and some understanding of mixing colours and program of heat in correct proportions. There are different ways of fabric painting like dyeing, batik painting, silk screening, block printing, etc. Each kind brings out different results to the fabric, qualifying them to be used in different ways.

Different kinds of fabric can be used for painting like cotton, silk, velvet, rayons, etc. are purists who say that it is done best on 100% natural cotton with a tight weave. Nevertheless, rayons and silk may also bring about good results. The easiest method to check the quality would be to try painting on a small part of the fabric prior to the whole roll of fabric is painted.

Here are a few factors about fabric painting that will help you do an excellent work as well as avoid loss and damage of painting materials and fabric.

Do painting on firmly woven fabric. When the fabric is certainly loosely woven the paint would creep through the threads when it is still wet. This decreases the intensity of the colours.

Clean the fabric before painting. There are chances that the fabric would shrink after it really is washed. If the painting is already completed the shrinking can spoil the beauty of painting.

Iron the fabric well before painting. Ironing, as you know, reduces the wrinkles that may make a mess of your painting.

Adding fabric softener is a negative idea. Paint might seep through the threads if the fabric can be too soft.

Ironing the fabric for some minutes after painting might help set the paint fast. Make certain the ironing is done on the opposite side of the fabric rather than on the painted side.

While painting on a high or a clothing, keep a newspaper inside the shirt to avoid the paint spreading to the trunk of the shirt.

Fabric painting has succeeded to become highly sought after art form that is now practised as a spare time activity as well as method of living. Its affordability is among main attraction. Not only fabric painting can be enjoyed while doing it but it can also be a way to add to your wardrobe some bright and beautiful colours.