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Some issues that Difloxacin have occurred or may arise in the implementation process of carbon offsetting mechanism have also been discussed (LeBlanc, 1999 and Millard-Ball, 2013), including the baseline determination, project boundaries and leakage, pools to be counted and project duration and accounting methods and the usage lines of carbon offsetting etc. Scholars believe that a generous usage lines may produce large volumes of non-additional offsets, which lead to either increased emissions or emissions transfers. There are also some scholars trying to solve the related issues, such as Neelam et al., who has made research on estimating the carbon storage capacity of forests, as well as their potential for providing carbon offset credits.
The effect produced by carbon offsetting mechanism is also an important aspect of research. Carbon offsets can not only help the enterprises with emissions reduction responsibility achieve their target, but provide carbon credits offers a new benefits source and improve their management efficiency to achieve sustainable management (Rousse, 2008, Worrall et?al., 2009 and Hag Mo et?al., 2012b). Matthias et al. and Jiang et al. described the carbon offsetting mechanism of GRRI and Shenzhen's ETS respectively, and they also elaborated the important role of carbon offsets (Ruth et?al., 2008 and Jiang et?al., 2014). Our paper analyzes the role of carbon offsetting mechanism from theoretical level by a duopoly model and provided some basis for the design of carbon offsetting mechanism.