An Introduction to Polyethylene Glycol (200) Diacrylate (PEG (200) DA)

Polyethylene Glycol (200) Diacrylate (PEG (200) DA) is a nonionic surfactant, it is integral to the daily production of raw materials. Mainly because the Polyethylene Glycol (200) Diacrylate (PEG (200) DA) is very high emulsifying capacity, low foam and has a good wetting properties and other advantages, is widely applied to printing emulsions, emulsion cosmetic and even involves many household chemicals, food, textiles, chemicals, metal processing and other fields.
Polyethylene Glycol (200) Diacrylate (PEG (200) DA) from vegetable oils and a molecular weight of 350, 400 of the hybrid obtained by Transesterification of ethylene glycol, the appearance of amber, HLB value of 10-12, the four-ball value (PB) 62 kg ...Has good emulsification, cleaning, lubrication. Polyethylene Glycol (200) Diacrylate (PEG (200) DA) dispersed in the water, industrial lubricants, industrial degreasing agent, textile softener, lubricants, the preparation of dry cleaning, oil base cutting fluid balance emulsifier. Plastic antistatic agents、dispersants, and biodegradable.

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