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Researches on low-carbon product design are as follows. Song and Lee (2010) developed a low-carbon design system to realize low-carbon design of electronic products by evaluating and replacing problematic parts, and built the integrated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions bill of materials (g-BOM). The case study verified the efficiency of their approach. This method is novel, simple, and applicable. Devanathan et al. (2010) proposed a semiquantitative ecodesign methodology considering environmental awareness. This method combined environmental life Gemcitabine assessment with visual tools, and developed function impact matrix to correlate product function with environmental impacts. The result of office staplers design showed the GHG emissions decreased by 20%. It is a creative work. Zi (2010) proposed a parasite design model based on the speculation of parasitic relationships among organisms to meet the needs of low-carbon product design. This method could reduce materials usage and improve energy efficiency. Qi and Wu (2011) proposed a low-carbon product-technology dynamic configuration application model according to the rules of modular design.