UM150CDY-10 Power Mosfet Transistor Module

Order your UM150CDY-10 today at, your reliable distributor of trusted power modules. Improving the performance of your stepper motors is a must - you need UM150CDY-10 to do the job!


Amazingly, stepper motors are one of the most common things we have, and so having one at its optimum is a life changer! Weighing only 0.68 lbs., UM150CDY-10 power mosfet transistor module can generate up to 600V and 150A of power. It has its own free-wheeling diode which minimizes, if not eliminates flyback or sudden voltage spike.  And since it is insulated, it ensures better electric isolation.  It is not a wonder how UM150CDY-10 easily passed UL Certification, as it eradicates worries on safety to the users.  Its high resilience even makes it perfect for other applications, such as AC and DC motor drives and UPS devices.