Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment For Loose And Saggy Vagina

The agony of stretched vagina is experienced by many women from around the globe. A sagging genital passage in women can result in a wide range of problems like incontinence, lack of pleasure in lovemaking for both partners, delayed orgasms because of the reduction of friction between the man and the lady.

Reasons for stretched genital passage: Experts state that different reasons make this happen and even though, it is known to be experienced after childbirth, most women experience it only after menopause. Whatever might be the cause of this problem, women can get relief with the help of herbal treatment for loose and saggy vagina.

Aabab tablets: The ayurvedic treatment for loose and saggy vagina called as Aabab tablet is a unique mixture of effective herbal ingredients that can work together to provide the intended relief for women. The effective ingredients in these tablets can work together for firming and tightening the genital wall in women and it will also improve the sensation in this area in women. This in turn will help better lovemaking satisfaction for both partners.

As the inner tissues and walls of the genital passage are tightened by this tablet, women can easily get out of the worry about their inability to satiate their partner. As the tablet can effectively restore the suppleness and youthfulness of the genital passage in women, they will be in a position to reach orgasms more often with regular use of these tablets. Will this ayurvedic treatment for loose and saggy vagina cure this issue alone? Let us find here:

Issues addressed:

1. Infection in genital passage
2. White discharge or leucorrhea.

So, apart from providing excellent herbal treatment for loose and saggy vagina this remedy can keep the genital passage healthy in women.

How to use?

This ayurvedic treatment for loose and saggy vagina is not meant for internal consumption via mouth, but it should be inserted into the genital passage in women. It can be used on a daily basis or alternative days. When it is inserted one hour before lovemaking, women can experience utmost sensation due to the best tightening effect, both partners can experience satisfaction. It will begin its working immediately after insertion and the tightening effect will last for 2 to 3 hours.

Ingredients: The effective ingredients in this ayurvedic treatment for loose and saggy vagina helps in achieving the benefits mentioned above:

1. Argilla vitriolutum, which is otherwise called as alum is effectively popular for its tightening and astringent properties. Due to its antibacterial properties, it can fight against bacterial infections in genital passage.

2. Quercus infectoria, otherwise called as oak galls or manjakani is an ingredient with properties needed for contracting the pelvic floor muscles and it can at the same time rejuvenate the nerves in the genital passage. It contains tannins, iron and calcium to strengthen the genital walls.

So, this herbal treatment for loose and saggy vagina can bring about safe results and will relieve women of their worry about unsatisfactory love life.


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