Herbal Supplements To Tighten The Vagina Without Surgery

Due to many reasons contributing towards lack of stimulation during lovemaking in women, loose genital passage is stated to be an important reason. Women can easily identify this condition with the help of some symptoms. For instance, pressure less walls in the genital passage is stated to be one of the most common symptoms. This in turn will lead to lack of sensation and pleasure during lovemaking. Finger check is stated to be one of the important ways to identify this problem. Many women fear about this issue as they think that surgery alone can cure this problem. But, the relieving news to them is that they can tighten the vagina without surgery. Yes, the herbal remedy called as Aabab tablet can help them in this respect. This herbal remedy will be beneficial for women in the following ways:

Benefits of Aabab tablets:

1. It will address loose genital walls.

2. It will provide relief from infections in the genital passage.

3. It will address the white discharge issue.

4. It will increase sensation in genital passage to help both partners to achieve utmost pleasure and satisfaction in lovemaking.

5. Just inserting the tablet one hour before lovemaking will help women to achieve multiple orgasms.

6. It will address foul smell experienced by some women in genital passage due to fungal or bacterial infections.

7. It will also provide relief from occasional itching and swelling in genital passage in women.

8. In short, it will restore the suppleness and youthfulness in women to help them the best lovemaking episodes that they experienced in the initial stages of their love life.


To tighten the vagina without surgery, Aabab tablets is made up of the best two ingredients that will be safe on the skin and will bring the best benefits to women. Here are the details about the effectiveness of these ingredients:

Manjakani: With its botanical name quercus infectoria and common name oak galls or manjakani, this ingredient is added to herbal remedy to tighten the vagina without surgery due to the following reasons:

1. It can address excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle in women.

2. It is used for long for addressing leucorrhea problem as vaginal suppository.

3. Even, it is recommended for piles and prolapsed rectal as well.

4. As it has wound healing properties and astringent properties, it is added to Aabab tablets to provide relief to infections if any in genital passage that prevents women from satisfactory lovemaking.

Alum: Its botanical name is argilla vitriolutum and it is otherwise called as dridhranga as well. It is used in Aabab tablets as an important ingredient due to the following reasons:

1. It has antiseptic properties and so it can cure wounds.

2. Its tightening properties on the skin made it as the important part of the herbal remedy to tighten the vagina without surgery.

3. This ingredient is also known for its astringent properties.

So, women can rely on this safe remedy to get back the joy in their love life.


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