Herbal Remedies To Tighten Vagina After Delivery

After childbirth, there will be a natural change in the genital passage in women. They might feel that it has become wider, sore and dry for some time. Let us get into the details about what to expect at such a stage and the method they can follow to help them in speedy recovery.

When a lady gives birth naturally, the baby travels through the cervix and get out through the vagina, which is otherwise called as birth canal. The entrance of the genital passage should therefore stretch to allow the easy delivery of the baby. Sometimes, when there is difficulty in the process, the doctor will cut the skin between the vagina and the anus for allowing the baby to get out. This procedure is known as episiotomy.

What happens after childbirth?

After delivery, it is not unusual for women to feel that her genital passage has become dry or loose as compared what it used to be before childbirth. Even, they might experience pain during lovemaking and might experience perineal pain as well. The following changes might be experience by women after natural delivery:

1. Wider vagina
2. Dryness
3. Soreness in the perineum
4. Pain during lovemaking.

How to get out of these issues?

It is important that women should look for ways to tighten vagina after delivery, if the genital passage does not get back to its normal position even after months of delivery. Generally, in most women, it will get back to its normal position, but for some women it does not happen naturally and this is where, the natural remedy called as Aabab tablet will help.

How will Aabab tablets help?

1. This herbal remedy due to its effective ingredients will help to tighten vagina after delivery.

2. It will tone the muscles and will restore the grip in the genital walls in women after childbirth.

3. It will give better feeling and more pleasure to the partner during lovemaking.

4. Regardless of whether the loose genital passage is caused due to overstretching during childbirth, menopause or aging, this tablet will provide the intended relief.

5. Not just these benefits, these tablets will also help in elimination of bad odor and will also help in getting relief from occasional itching and swelling in the genital passage.

6. Even, it will help in prevention of infections by reducing excessive mucous generation that will come in the way of lovemaking.

So, not just to tighten vagina after delivery, but also for relieving many other issues related to natural childbirth these herbal remedies can be the best choice for women.

What makes these tablets the best for women?

These tablets can be the ideal choice to tighten vagina after delivery because of its natural herbal ingredients with astringent, tightening, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The herbal ingredients present in these tablets are:

1. Manjakani or oak galls
2. Alum.

These ingredients begin their working right away after inserting the tablets into the genital passage and will provide utmost satisfaction in lovemaking for both the partners.


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