Enterprise s low carbon product multi objective

The carbon emissions computation for the enterprise product (such as lathe) in the case study GSK1838705A imprecise and needs further improve. It is better to consider the carbon emissions of product lifecycle. In addition, the low-carbon product multi-objective optimization design for multi-level coupled system of electromechanical product is deserved to study.
L-CPMOD is expected to be helpful for enterprise's low-carbon product optimization design.
AcknowledgmentsThis research is supported by the Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms of China under Grant (No. 11C26212120492), the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China under Grant (No. 2013AA040303) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant (No. 50975039).
Appendix A. Table A.1.
The correlation degree between module MijkMijk and performance PdPd (Wei, 2010).P1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9P10P11P1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8P9P10P11M11177194497944M21397741797944M11274074147474M22199474794941M11399197797997M22247014747411M12199404749914M22377441477910M12247114997941M23174177997441M12377414997941M23247104771447M13174714477499M23314019497141M13297747997999M24140411417100M13399949474944M24214401749104M13474714744701M25104744077144M14147401741710M25217977197474M14299414974911M31119419794414M14344714141497M31217409474404M21174104414471M32114714414101M21297414747794Note: MijkMijk is Meissner's corpuscles the kth module entity belonging to the jth module series belonging to the ith module type corresponding to Table A.1. For example, K223 (shaded area) is the 3rd module entity belonging to the 2nd module series belonging to 2nd module type.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSVTable A.4.