GOSAT carried a thermal and near infrared sensor

Fig. 1. Location of the artificial voids.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
MAE and MRE Ibuprofen respectively formulated as.equation(13)MAE(t)=1n∑in oi(t)−si(t) equation(14)MRE(t)=100%×MAE(t)/(1n∑inoi(t))whereoi represents the original value at time t on grid i; si the simulated value on grid i.
For the inner voids of GOSAT data set (Table 1 and Table 2), MAEs of the inner void filling from IDW, OK and HASM are 0.269 ppmv, 0.23 ppmv and 0.189 ppmv respectively on the average; their MREs are respectively 0.071%, 0.063% and 0.05%. The maximum MAE of IDW is catastrophism 0.445 ppmv, appearing in June of 2010; the one of OK is 0.351 ppmv, happening in March of 2010; and the one of HASM is 0.301 ppmv, in June of 2010. The minimum MAE of IDW is 0.099 ppmv in November of 2009; the one of OK is 0.01 ppmv in November of 2009; and the one of HASM is 0.053 ppm in December of 2009.
Table 1.