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(1) Emissions from each alumina refining process, including emissions related to on-site steam and electricity cogeneration, are calculated in terms of primary fuel combustion.equation(1)ceq_AO=∑k[αk×(∑ici,kei,k)]where αk BW 373U86 the outputs share of the alumina refining process k; ci,k is the CO2 emission factor derived from the combustion of fuel type i within the boundary defined.
(2) Calculation of CO2 emissions associated with the electricity consumed during electrolysis are based on CO2 emission factors for different electricity choices, as well as the geographic distribution of primary aluminum production.equation(2)ceq_Al=∑m[pc+el×(βm⋅elc)m]where βm is outputs share of primary aluminum within a region grid m, elcm is rheumatoid arthritis the corresponding CO2 emission factor, el is the industry-wide specific average electricity consumption for smelting, and pc is the emission from anode consumption calculated via the IPCC method.
The CO2 emission factors of six national power grids in China could be estimated using Equation (3), which is established according to the baseline emission factors of CO2 for the clean development mechanism in China.equation(3)elcm=∑iFCi×LHVi×EFCO2,iEGywhere FCi is the amount of fuel i consumed in 2011 in the regional grid m, LHVi is the low heating value of fuel i, EFCO2,i is CO2 emission coefficient of fuel combustion, and EGy is the total electricity generated in the provinces belonging to grid m in 2011.