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Fig. 7. Total 6-Iodonordihydrocapsaicin dissipation of one 2000-ton rapid large sheet stamping HP.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Broadly speaking, the total input energy is the sum of active electric energy and gravitational potential energy, but the latter will be negative in rising process, which can be found from the comparison of total input energy and simply electric energy. The calculated total input energy in each stage is 370.47 KJ, 336.93 KJ, 980.86, 367.90, 863.98 KJ, 236.09 KJ, 1868.88 KJ separately, while the tested result is 385.21 KJ, 355.37 KJ, 398.62 KJ, 887.08 KJ, 245.86 KJ, 1964.58 KJ, with the average calculation error deviation 4.46%, which demonstrates the accuracy and practicability of the methodology.
5.2. Analysis on energy dissipation
The total input energy during one single cycle is 5248.27 KJ, energy consumed by E-M units, M-H units, H-H units, H-M units, M-D units are 1489.80 KJ, 2211.70 KJ, 843.63 KJ, 81.90 KJ, 352.16 KJ respectively, which show that Electrical-mechanical energy conversion rate of the hydraulic system is about 70.35%, mechanical-hydraulic energy conversion rate is 37.43%, and hydraulic-deformation energy conversion rate is 27%. Hence, the energy utilization of the equipment is only 7%.