This study analyzes CO emission

The estimate of the backward A 350619 constitutes parts of the forward linkage, and some uncertainties are also included in the calculation of the forward linkage (Cai and Leung, 2004, Cai et?al., 2005, Dietzenbacher, 2002, Leung and Pooley, 2001 and Miller and Blair, 2009). This study uses the Leontief inverse matrix from the direct consumption coefficient to investigate the backward and forward linkages among the industrial sectors.
The linkage analysis of the industrial sector based on HEM has been widely applied to water use (Duarte et al., 2002), regional consumption motives (Turner et al., 2007), and agriculture sector (Cai and Leung, 2004).
Studies on carbon emissions in South Africa have focused on the genetics issues of carbon price and tax, environmental policies, carbon intensity, carbon emission at the sectoral and regional levels, new energy, bio-energy development, and innovation in institution (Brent and Visser, 2005, Chandler et?al., 2002, Devarajan et?al., 2009, Friedrich et?al., 2009, Hens et?al., 2010, Menyah and Wolde-Rufael, 2010 and Von Blottnitz and Curran, 2007).