Thirdly there is a trade off between economic development

The estimation ACSF CCS cost in literatures and reports.PC-CCSIGCC-CCSCapture costTransportation costStorage costSource––18 Euro/tCO212 Yuan/tC (100 Km)26 Yuan/tC (200 Km)6 Yuan/tCO2NZEC, 20090.43 Yuan/kWh0.52 Yuan/kWh–––Zhang et al., 2005––147–171 Yuan/tCO28–11 USD/tCO2 (Average Distance = 250 Km)–Chen et al., 2007–70.8 USD/MWh60.73 USD/tCO20.68 USD/tCO2–Zhang, 2010––120–180 USD/tCO20.5–7 USD/tCO21–9 USD/tCO2McCoy taxis nd Rubin, 200978.9 USD/MWh67.7 USD/MWh67.4–44.4 USD/tCO27.2–9.2 USD/tCO2Golombek et al., 2011196 USD/tC(Overall)137 USD/tC(Overall)–45 USD/tC (500 Km)28 USD/tC (250 Km)–Riahi et al., 2009––25–32 Euro/tCO24–6 Euro/tCO24–12 Euro/tCO2McKinsey, 2008––40–55 Euro/tCO22–6 USD/tCO210–20 USD/tCO2IEA, 200866.35 Euro/MWh–3.15 Euro/tCO23.29 Euro/tCO2Lohwasser and Madlener, 2012Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV