T7 Tag When industrial sector i is extracted the industry group

When industrial sector i is extracted, the industry group Bs does not trade with other sectors in the virtual economy system. To present the changes, the proposal of Cella (1984) is considered. The proposal suggests that T7 Tag the relative Aij = 0(I ≠ j) can be set in A. The intermediate consumption and the total relationship are non-existent because of the HEM approach. Therefore, the CO2 emissions caused by Bs are non-existent, and the final demand of the economy remains constant. The CO2 emissions C* related to the hypothetical productive relationships can be given as follows:equation(12)[Cs∗C−s∗]=[C¯s00C¯−s][Xs∗X−s∗]=[C¯s00C¯−s]([As,s00A−s,−s][Xs∗X−s∗]+[YsY−s])=[C¯s00C¯−s][(I−As,s)−100(I−A−s,−s)−1][YsY−s]
The effect of the extracted block because of the change in production indicates channels the change in CO2 emissions can be obtained as follows:equation(13)C−C∗=[Cs−Cs∗C−s−C−s∗]=[C¯s00C¯−s][Δs,s−(I−As,s)−1Δs,−sΔ−s,sΔ−s,−s−(I−A−s,−s)−1][YsY−s]=[C¯s(Δs,s−(I−As,s)−1)C¯sΔs,−sC¯−sΔ−s,sC¯−s(Δ−s,−s−(I−A−s,−s)−1)][YsY−s]=[Ωs,sΩs,−sΩ−s,sΩ−s,−s][YsY−s]