Quality Control by Gary Muddyman

Quality control for high-quality translations.

In every workflow project, maintaining quality control is always essential to success. And at Conversisglobal.com, we implement strict quality-control procedures for all translation and localization assignments, no matter how simple or complex. Our quality-control procedures include advanced linguistic skill-testing for all translators, ongoing project assessments and status checks, in-country reviews and third-party feedback, and post-project summaries and evaluations.

For software localization services, software localization testing, Website and other technically complex translations, the quality control process begins during the planning phase of the assignment. Our quality assurance engineers will even work with you during the creative concepting or product-planning stage to identify critical translation and localization issues that must be resolved to ensure a successful outcome.

After your software localization, Website or other technical translation project has completed its first localization cycle, a team of Conversisglobal.com translators and engineers will then review the alpha version in a real-word context to check for any linguistic problems.

We also perform functional and regression testing in each development cycle to identify any potential bugs before they become a problem. The debugging process is repeated until your product is demonstrably bug-free and ready for market.