Upgrades that Increase the Value of a Home

Upgrades that Increase the Value of a Home

If you are thinking of selling your home, but you are afraid it is not worth as much as you need to buy a new home, do not give up on the idea just yet.  There are several ways you can upgrade your home and increase the value without breaking the bank.  The trick is knowing which upgrades will increase the value of your home the most, which upgrades are worth the investment, and which upgrades you can complete on your own without the extra cost of hiring contractors and other professionals.  Do not run away in fear of do-it-yourself projects, because no matter how crafty you are, you will be amazed what you can do.


Upgrades worth investment


Obviously there are some upgrades that you cannot complete on your own, or that are expensive enough to scare you away from the idea of upgrading, but if you know which upgrades are worth the investment because of the value they bring to your home, it will make spending the money a little easier.  Granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances can greatly increase the value of a home, and are definitely worth the investment.  There are alternatives, however, such as black appliances which are a little cheaper, but still make a kitchen seem upgraded as well as tile or stone counter tops.


DIY upgrades


Paint can transform the look of a home, whether it is on the walls, the doors, floors or other areas of the home, and it can be done completely on your own. If you are selling your home, paint your home a neutral color with soft earth tones according to Time.  You can always accessorize with bright and bold colors, but neutral tones are more inviting to potential buyers.  Give your cabinets a new look with paint or stain and some new hardware.  This project is affordable, and can make your kitchen and bathrooms look upgraded and expensive, ultimately adding value to your home.


Adding curb appeal


Curb appeal is vital when selling a home, especially if you want to increase the value of it. Keep the yard clean, mow the lawn, trim hedges and plant some flowers.  Paint the front door, and add hardware to the garage door to make it look upgraded.  New address numbers are a must, and completely affordable. If the weather permits, give the house a bath with a power washer to make it look new and beautiful, and most of all, appealing to potential buyers. The exterior is almost more important than the interior when it comes to selling a home, because if a home does not look well-kept, it can give false pretenses about what awaits inside, and can turn away buyers. Curb appeal makes selling a home easy.


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