A Peculiarly Adult Type Of Adult Acne

When you have made the cara untuk menghilangkan jerawat di hidung secara alami changeover from childhood to adult, acne is no more an issue. Unfortunately, many acne sufferers fit the stereotype to be both spotty and stroppy, so that it is perhaps unsurprising that a lot of family doctors, who typically could have upwards of 50 adolescent acne sufferers to cope with at any one time, neglect to give these patients enough time, care and interest that they warrant.

The other clinical types of acne are very much rarer and in addition, from a clinical viewpoint, much more interesting than adolescent acne. The kind of acne that probably provokes most interest amongst doctors, although it must be stressed that interest is sometimes of a prurient nature, is known somewhat affectionately as kinky acne, although technically it is a specific sub-type of the clinical form of acne known as acne caused by occlusion.

The characteristic feature of all the clinical types of acne is spots. Although the reason for the spots is different in the various types of acne, the mechanism by which the spots form is essentially similar, and involves a combination of one or more of the next elements - blocking of the sebaceous glands, the overproduction of sebum and colonisation of the sebaceous duct by the acne-marketing bacteria Proponiobacterium acnes. Experimentally, you can induce the forming of acne spots on human skin by the use of impervious sticking plaster for an interval of a few days. This type of acne is a kind of acne caused by occlusion, since it is the blocking of the sebaceous duct by the sticking plaster which generates the conditions under which the spots develop.

Kinky acne is another type of acne caused by occlusion, although regarding kinky acne the experimentation causing the acne tends to be of a sexual nature. People who indulge in sadomasochistic or bondage activities may spend extended periods of time wearing limited fitting garments or restraints made of impervious materials such as PVC, latex, or leather. A higher proportion of individuals indulging in sadomasochism or bondage for prolonged periods of time will develop acne on those areas where in fact the surface of the skin is occluded by close fitting or restraining clothes or accessories. Most sufferers from kinky acne who consult a doctor have previously guessed the medical diagnosis, as the distribution of areas will follow a characteristic pattern, which matches closely the garment or restraint that has caused it. Victims from kinky acne may be rather less pleased to discover that the only way to take care of the complaint effectively is complete abstention from their unusual recreational activities until the spots clear. Nevertheless, some doctors consider solace from the actual fact that their masochistic acne sufferers could be gaining some additional satisfaction from the discomfiture caused by their kinky acne.

The other group that is at risk from an identical form of acne caused by occlusion are soldiers and sailors, particularly those serving in tropical or sub-tropical conditions. In these military cases of occlusive acne, it's the soldiers rucksack straps and webbing occluding the top of skin that are the reason behind the acne.