Acne and Progesterone Is there a Link

Acne, progesterone and the partnership between the two can be an idea that many medical researchers have cara menghilangkan jerawat when studying the reason and treatment of acne. Pimples is a common chronic pores and skin disorder that affects millions of people of each age, gender, and race. In fact, almost 90% of the worlds inhabitants suffers with acne.

Some studies have shown that pimples and have a connection when it comes to causes and treatment. The bond is apparently more evident with the actual fact that while progesterone is known as a factor that creates the development of acne, additionally it is considered a key to fighting acne.

In trying to describe further the connection between acne and progesterone, researchers have discovered that priori to menstruation there is a hormonal imbalance in the feminine body, as progesterone secretions boost. It has been noted that in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle (from after ovulation to the finish of the routine), is secreted abundantly by the corpus lutcum. As this occurs, the body uses a massive amount pantothenic acid from the bodys stores, resulting in a re-distribution of the vitamin as well as placing enormous pressure on fatty acid fat burning capacity.

The idea of the bond between pimples and progesterone further holds that whenever the metabolic process is not functioning optimally, the lipid after that starts to form right into a mass in the sebaceous glands -- the oil producing glands. It really is here where the acne and progesterone romantic relationship becomes more obvious, as the upsurge in sebum often results within an acne breakout.

Most experts involved in researching the link between pimples and progesterone conclude that this process may be the main function of their relationship. Even though progesterone has no known effect on the functioning of the essential oil producing glands, the high levels of progesterone in the past due stage of the luteal stage usually spell disaster for those prone to acne.

Further studies are needed before we understand the true connection between acne and progesterone. Whether progesterone merely creates conditions ripe for pimples, or is somehow linked to the treatment of the skin condition remains unknown. It is hoped that in the future, a better knowledge of acne will lead to far better treatments being developed.