7 Protection Tips for Keeping Family Safe Around Water

With all of the excitement over electronics, encouraging kids to get outside and be active can be a challenge. Warm weather provides the perfect opportunity for parents to get children active through the large number of fun outdoor activities. There is something about cooling off in fresh, cold water which makes swimming a family favorite. Over the past several years, the number of water-related accidents has increased significantly. Ensure your family is safe and avoid drowning by taking advantage of a few safety tips. Whether a family is swimming in a pool, lake, or beach there are extra measures that can be taken that will keep children safe.

Top Tips to Prevent Your Child from Drowning have been created to help parents in their efforts to ensure their family's safety when around water. These tips can easily be implemented and help both parents and children understand the dangers water can possess. Companies such as protein workout have made it their mission to reaching out to parents about water safety. To get more insight into drowning prevention, speak with an expert at one of these locations. Some top-rated tips include:

Have a swimming buddy - Before entering the water, designate a sibling or friend as your swimming buddy. By doing this, parents have an extra set of eyes on each child. It is recommended that swimming partners be close in age, or one partner be old enough to know what to do in an emergency situation.

Always swim in areas that are designated as safe

Choose a location that has lifeguards on duty

Enroll children in swimming lessons - Swimming lessons are an excellent tool that gives children techniques to swim properly, as well as what they can do if they see another person struggling in the water

Never leave children unattended when around water - Although swimming buddies are a good tool, it is never recommended that children replace the supervision of an adult.

If the child's swimming skills are not yet mastered, have them wear a flotation device.

Set strict rules for all family members to follow. These rules can include how far into the water a child can go, as well as no rough-house playing.

Although water play can be a lot of fun, it does have many risks for children. Utilize these simple tips in an effort to ensure children will remain as safe as possible. Overtime, these techniques will become second nature. Enjoy summertime with your kids and use this time to create memories with the family.